Sunday, 14 February 2016

20 reasons to fall in love with Dubai

Everybody speaks about Dubai these days. Your friends have been there, most of your acquaintances have been there, some of them even liked the city so much that they have joined the long list of returning visitors. But what is it about Dubai that fascinates all these people? Well, let's see...

1. The sun always shines in Dubai. 

2. In the warm waters of the Arabian Gulf you can go for a swim all year long.

3. And this is what the sea looks like, by the way.

4. We have clear skies with hardly any clouds...

5. But once in a blue moon we do get a sand storm...

6. ...which is the best excuse to stroll through one of Dubai's amazing shopping malls...

7. ...the biggest of which has a huge bookshop where it's really easy to lose track of time!

8. Don't be afraid to lose connection to the outside world even if you do prefer to stay indoors during a sand storm or on a lazy day. In Dubai, everything can be delivered to your doorstep. And when I say everything, I mean everything.

("shoe repairs")

9. The sun will come out again eventually.

10. And when it does, make sure you don't miss Dubai's beautiful parks...

Zabeel Park

11. ... or the most beautiful trees in the world...

Flamboyant trees

12. ...or the flamingoes, some of which are indigenous to the U.A.E. ...

13. ...or the magnificent flowers that seem to have grown here overnight...

Dubai Miracle Garden

14. ...and especially the incredible jogging and cycling tracks that you can find all over the city!

Grand Hyatt
Jumeirah Corniche

15. Oh my, did I forget to mention the open-air cinemas? Who would have guessed that some of Dubai's best cinema seats are on rooftops? 

16. Don't be afraid of long distances, there is a metro, a monorail and even trams.

Dubai as seen from the monorail
Vintage tram
Dubai Metro

17. For ladies there are even pink taxis!

18. They can take you to one or more of Dubai's magical souqs. We have old souqs...

19. ... and new souqs.

20. And whenever you feel like you have had enough of all that Dubai has to offer (although I doubt you ever will, to be completely honest with you!), just buy a ticket on world's greatest airline and head to that incredible place called... Anywhere which is merely a couple of flight hours away from Dubai! ;)

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